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The Many Misadventures of Baserunning Brian


Bottom 3: Roberts attempts to steal third, is thrown out by Johjima. To be fair, Roberts was under the tag, and was, in fact, very safe.


Bottom 6: Miguel Batista sends a pickoff attempt to second into right center field. Mike Morse throws Roberts out at home on a perfect, beautiful one-hopper to Johjima. To be fair, with one out, Roberts should not have been sent home by Samuel.


Bottom 8: On a swinging bunt off the bat of Nick Markakis, Roberts is caught in a rundown between third and home. Adrian Beltre tags him out. To be fair...well, no, this one is just something that happens. Good play by the Mariners infield.

I'm not really dissing anyone (maybe Samuel, as bad third base coaches have been a constant for the O's in recent years), it was just a pretty memorably bad night on the bases for Brian Roberts.

All photos © Gail Burton / AP