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Gameday Thread: Mariners (2-3) @ O's (3-1)

G_hernandez_it_medium N2hvue2r_medium

Felix Hernandez, RH (0-0, 0.00/1.14) v. Jeremy Guthrie, RH (0-1, 8.44/1.88)

Game time is 1:35 on MASN2.

The STATS preview says, "A sudden injury to Erik Bedard cost him the first chance to face his old teammates, but the Seattle Mariners are not expecting to skip a beat."

Yes. A "sudden injury" -- how convenient. And if the Mariners plan not to skip any of the beats they've shown in the last two games, that'd be fine by me.

King Felix put up a 3.92 ERA and 1.38 WHIP at age 21 last season, but wasn't the Mariners ace in 2007 because Miguel Batista won 16 games. Ask Jim Palmer, who was not the ace of the 1970 Orioles, because McNally and Cuellar won 24 games to his 20.

Guthrie's location was iffy in his first start, the main culprit to a rocky beginning of his tenure as the ace of the O's. I'm really not worried about Guts; he looked fine, just a little off at times. He left one up to Eric Hinske and it got bombed. It happens. He threw 5 1/3 innings in that start, making it the second-deepest start among the four Oriole starters we've seen thus far. Trachsel wins the prize with 5 2/3.

With the way the pen's being beaten on so far -- and I should be fair, the starters are the first to blame, but I still think Trembley is a little wacky so far -- we need a good start from Guthrie today. Hopefully he can turn in 6+ and keep us in the game.


  1. Ichiro, RF
  2. Jose Lopez, 2B
  3. Raul Ibanez, LF
  4. Richie Sexson, 1B
  5. Adrian Beltre, 3B
  6. Brad Wilkerson, RF
  7. Jose Vidro, DH
  8. Jamie Burke, C
  9. Yuniesky Betancourt, SS

Medium_millarwater_mediumORIOLES STARTING LINEUP

  1. Brian Roberts, 2B
  2. Melvin Mora, 3B
  3. Nick Markakis, RF
  4. Kevin Millar, 1B
  5. Aubrey Huff, DH
  6. Luke Scott, LF
  7. Jay Payton, CF
  8. Guillermo Quiroz, C
  9. Luis Hernandez, SS


  • Guthrie hasn't been so successful at Camden Yards, going just 2-6 overall with a 4.40 ERA. But his peripherals are all solid. The record is more reflective of his, you know, team.
  • In his young career, Nick Markakis has just one homer against the Mariners, but he's hit .321/.365/.449.
  • In HIS young career, Felix Hernandez is hit hard by the O's: 5.60/1.78 with a .347 BAA. And he's 3-2.
  • And his moderately young career, Mariners shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt is 30-for-85 (.353) against Baltimore.