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Moore to get spot starts all over the place

Ph_445599_mediumRoch reports that Scott Moore will start at third tomorrow. There's also some jive about Luke Scott and his notebook.

But here's the interesting quote:

Moore, who has two at-bats in six games, is slated to start at third base tomorrow against the Texas Rangers in Arlington. He'll start at second base on Thursday, and at first base Saturday in the series-opener against the Tampa Bay Rays in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Man, that's gonna be fun for Moore. I'm really glad Diamond Dave is willing to give Moore a legitimate shot at spot-starting at second base, since he beats the hell out of Brandon Fahey. Letting him bounce around in spot starts for Mora, Roberts AND Millar could really be a good time. He could sock 15 homers in spot duty.

I do wonder who's going to hit leadoff on Thursday if Roberts takes a full day off and doesn't just DH. Moore himself? They tried that in the spring. Luis Luis? Luis is Birdland and all, but yeesh.

If Scott Moore gets a dedicated following, can they be called "Moore-ons"?