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Diamond Dave considering 13th pitcher

From the Sun:

With his team in the midst of a stretch of 37 games in 38 days, Orioles manager Dave Trembley acknowledged that he's still considering adding a 13th pitcher to his roster and demoting a position player.

"I thought about it in spring training and I'm still thinking about it now because I don't want to overburden the guys in the bullpen," Trembley said. "Really, that question will be answered depending on how your starting pitchers do."

Trembley said that as long as two or three starters are consistently getting deep into games, he won't have to make any changes. And even if he does, he expects it to be temporary.

Who would he send down? Fahey? What if you need to pinch-hit for Luis? Who plays short then? Moore? That guy is flexible as a lefty bat that can play three positions -- maybe the OF, too. Does he risk fielding Moore at shortstop?

I don't like 13 pitchers, period. There should be no reason to need an eighth reliever. Seven guys should be plenty, particularly when you have two decent long men like Bierd and Albers.

I like this idea about as much as adding a third catcher, though to be fair having one effective catcher would be nice right now. Razor is ice cold and Quiroz is Quiroz.

Hopefully the starters respond and this won't be "necessary."