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Gameday Thread: O's (18-18) @ Royals (15-20)

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Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA BB K W-L
Garrett Olson - LH 2 13.0 2.08 1.08 .174 6 13 1-0
Brett Tomko - RH 6 (7) 34.1 4.98 1.46 .285 11 21 1-3

Brett Tomko is a pro-fessional. He's pitched for the Reds, Mariners, Padres (two occasions), Giants, Dodgers, and now the Royals. He has never been good. Past 126 innings as a rookie in 1997, Tomko's best season was 2004 with the Giants, when he posted a 108 adjusted ERA+ over 194 innings. He's had a bunch of seasons where he hovers just below league average, and then a bunch where he's quite well below league average. The best you're getting out of Tomko, ever, is him not absolutely killing you.

I've always liked Brett Tomko, for some reason. How could you root against this guy?


What a dude. He still seems very hopeful, as if any year now, it'll really all come together. Of course, he's a millionaire baseball player with a decade's worth of big league experience, and I'm in my mother's basement in my underpants with Fruity Pebbles resting on my fat gut and barbecue sauce stains on my shorts.

One part of that is true! Game time is 7:10 on MASN.