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O's 6, Royals 5: Foolish Royals!

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Garrett Olson pitched well enough (5.1 IP, 3 ER, 1 BB, 2 K) and the bullpen held it down just enough for a Kevin Millar-led offense to hold off the Royals over nine rain-delayed innings, putting the O's back over .500 and continuing our utter domination of the hapless Kansas City Royals.

Millar had three hits, including a first-inning three-run homer. Luis Hernandez (who subbed for an injured Brian Roberts) was 2-for-4, and Melvin Mora had two hits, as well.

Let's all hope that Roberts isn't out for long, because we'd be glaringly lacking anything approaching a leadoff hitter, unless Diamond Dave put Markakis there instead of Freddie Bynum or something, which he would not.