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Gameday Thread: Nationals (18-24) @ O's (21-19)

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Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA BB K W-L
Shawn Hill - RH 5 30.1 3.56 1.32 .265 9 18 0-0
Garrett Olson - LH 3 18.1 2.95 1.25 .235 7 15 2-0

Game time is 7:05 on MASN.

27-year old Shawn Hill (he turned 27 on April 28) gave the Nats about 100 good innings last season in 16 starts and is doing more of the same this year. Not a big strikeout guy, doesn't have GREAT command, but doesn't get hit very hard and doesn't beat himself. He's already had his TJ surgery so that's not a concern, but he did have some work done this offseason. He's a sinkerballer. The Nats apparently love the kid, but they also loved John Patterson once upon a time.

Garrett Olson has been tits this season. He replaced Adam Loewen, who was continuing to do his Adam Loewen thing, and the difference has been night and day. Between Guthrie, Cabrera, Olson and Burres, the Oriole rotation is giving us a routinely good shot to win four times through the rotation. I'm not saying those dudes are infallible or close to it at all, but that's not bad. When Loewen's healthy, Trachsel's gotta be done for. Olson is throwing too well to jerk him around again. He's pitching confidently and trusting his stuff, which has been the story of Cabrera and Burres, too.

I don't know if you heard, but the shocking news of an injury to Nick "The Stick" Johnson has come through the wire, and he's on the DL. Dmitri Young! ACTIVATE!