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Gameday Thread: Nationals (18-26) @ O's (23-19)

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Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA BB K W-L
John Lannan - LH 8 45.2 3.74 1.55 .288 18 29 3-4
Jeremy Guthrie - RH 9 56.0 4.18 1.29 .248 17 39 2-3

Lannan has been lucky. What more do you want than that? He's been really lucky to maintain that ERA with that WHIP and that BAA.

Guthrie has been about as good as one could expect. Is he an ace like you would want to define "an ace"? Not really. But the man has pitched well and done a good job. Congratulation! to him.

1:35 on MASN.