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That was probably more like it

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We got shut out by Darrell Rasner (and Joba Chamberlain) and Garrett Olson's ERA is now sitting at a pretty 5.19.


I do hope when reality strikes that everyone doesn't suddenly get all mad at the players for not trying hard enough. We're seeing a team that is legitimately trying all around to be the very best 2008 Baltimore Orioles that they can possibly be. We are dreadfully and woefully overmatched against a team like the Yankees. Disregard the records, because 40-45 games of a season don't generally mean a whole lot. We've seen this stuff enough before, you know?

Rob Neyer once said something that I found very true, and that I believe will come into play soon enough:

When you talk about players who are overpaid, there are some who want to turn the discussion into a matter of values. As if players could do better if only they had the integrity to try harder. And sure, that's very occasionally true. But nearly every player wants to play well, and if players aren't playing well, it's because they can't.

I don't know how this team will really end up, but I'm enjoying watching them play. They've got moxie and all the other crap that I don't really care about, but is easy to get caught up in, once you've seen it exercised enough.

I love this stupid team, but I think we're going to be seeing a lot more days like yesterday than we are the day before yesterday.

Sound that horn, Guts. Sing it, Millar. Carry on, our wayward sons.