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Joe Girardi inspires Yankees to beat Orioles

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I really don't mind having lost a 2-1 game to the Yankees yesterday. Our boys have problems scoring runs and that will be a burden all season long. I take out of that game more the great start by Brian Burres and the totally competent relief work that followed it. The winning run scored on a ball that Robby Cano fought off for a ground ball single through the hole going the other way. They deserved the win, they won the game, and that's fine with me.

What annoyed the ever-loving bongos out of yours truly was Michael Kay on YES screaming about Joe Girardi's ninth inning temper tantrum -- which was a Billy Martin impersonation worthy of comparison to Rick Dempsey's Babe Ruth impersonation -- getting the team "fired up" to come back and win.

They won the game on a ground ball single. It was a tough pitch that Cano got the best of, barely. It could easily have been an out. Very, very easily. And it was a hard-fought, 1-1 game. The Orioles didn't storm out to some big lead and lose it because the Yankees manned up and came back to win on behalf of their tossed skipper.

It's things like this that will always get at me, because it's such a ridiculous idea. Take all the "sports fan" stuff out of your brain, which all of us have and has been MOSTLY influenced by sports media, because when you're five or eight or fifteen you don't know how often the guys on TV are talking out of their you-know-wheres and chalking up wins to things like gumption and stick-to-it-iveness instead of talent or preparation of whatever else that is in any way tangible.

Taken it out of your brain for a moment? Good. Now tell me how a manager getting thrown out LITERALLY spurns the Yankees on to victory. Robinson Cano hit a pitch for a single and it scored a runner, and that was enough to win the game. The Yankees won. Cano deserves the credit, along with Hideki Matsui, who singled to lead off the inning and wound up scoring the run, and Bobby Abreu, who pinch-hit and walked after Girardi was tossed, keeping the inning alive.

Even the AP report is filled with this nonsense:

Joe Girardi bolted from the Yankees’ dugout, and it was showtime.

The New York manager took out a season’s worth of frustration on his hat, the umpires and the dirt, earning an ejection Thursday night with the kind of theatrical argument that local fans never saw while Joe Torre was in town.

Moments later, the Yankees won in the bottom of the ninth inning. Coincidence or correlation?

“Joe got fired up and I guess it got us fired up,” Jason Giambi said after the 2-1 victory over the Baltimore Orioles.

The correct answer is, of course, "coincidence." Or, maybe, "The Yankees are really the superior team, so their 2-1 win over the Orioles should not be considered such a miracle."

If it is, in fact, such a miracle, then the Yankees have a whole hell of a lot to worry about.

I also enjoy the subtle jab at Joe Torre, who only did things like manage the team to the best of his ability for many years. But it's true, he never made an ass out of himself while being wrong in the process. Which Girardi was, for the record. He was wrong. Giambi was rightly called out on a foul tip off the bottom of his bat that Ramon Hernandez caught. It was really a great call by home plate umpire Chris Guccione.

I guess maybe the Yankees need things like this right now. They need to believe in "magic" and manager fits having a real effect on the team's performance, since the club is in such a state of disarray, especially when you consider how much they're being paid. That's not even a personal shot at the Yankees. It's just the way it is.

It also probably doesn't help my personal situation with this that I do not like Joe Girardi and I loathe Michael Kay (although it's worth noting that YES' broadcasts are top-notch and Kay is actually probably in the top half of regular play-by-play guys around the league, which is pretty astonishing).

Credit the Yankees. Credit Cano and Matsui and Abreu. The team did this. The manager didn't do anything. And if we could hit, the film at 11 would've just been another Yankee loss.