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Gameday Thread: O's (24-22) @ Rays (27-20)

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Rocky Cherry was activated and optioned today. The game is at 7:10 on MASN2, and praise the Gods, I won't have to have the Tampa Bay broadcast, since they're on their W___ down there and not their FSN.


Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA BB K W-L
Jeremy Guthrie - RH 10 63.0 3.86 1.27 .244 20 39 2-4
Matt Garza - RH 7 37.0 4.86 1.54 .285 16 15 2-1

Matt Garza has been a disappointment. To me. As a big Matt Garza fan. What's with your crappy K-rate, Garza? What's with walking more batters than you strike out? What's the problem, guy? Come on.

Guthrie has been a rock for the rotation again. He can pitch. There's no more even slight surprise, if you ask me, that Guthrie is doing this well. He's for real.

Oh, Rays. It used to be a thing we had. The AL East game no one cared about. But now you're moving on. For "better places." "Greener pastures." You're leaving us behind. That's OK -- it happens. We know this isn't the best place in the world. But somehow, we just thought...nevermind. Forget it.

...we love you...