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O's 10, Yankees 9 (11 innings): THAT WAS AWESOME

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LaToya Hawkins, I'm sorry, but Alex Cintron is absolutely your father, you beanball-missing hack. Leave now and never come back!

The ninth inning rain delay that seemed to last 36 years and has forever put the Extra Innings menu music in my brain was pretty lame, but otherwise this was a bizarre and fun game. Nine home runs! Twice the Orioles went back-to-back, both times involving Yankee Killer Kevin Millar! And a walkoff fly ball single by Alex Cintron, who pinch-ran for Ramon "Home Run" Hernandez.

And LaToya being the goat -- chef kiss that stuff. Magnifique.

Jeter also had a hideous game, which was amusing.

We were lucky to win this one. The Yankees should've blown it up in the top of the 11th, but nearly were held scoreless after a shot up the middle by A-Rod was picked off by Brian Roberts on the hop to start the rare 4-2-5 double play. Matsui singled home a run after that, but they were held.

And then Hawkins took over. Oh, the fun we had!

Brian Burres got waxed tonight but in the end, who remembers that? The Yankees went up 4-0, we tied it 4-4. The Yankees went up 8-4, we tied it 8-8. The Yankees went up 9-8, we tied it 9-9, and then took our first and last lead of the game. Oh, the fun we had!

There can't be too many more like this, can there?