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Yankees 4, O's 2: S.S.D.D. for Jeremy Guthrie

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Our boy went out and dealt again yesterday. Seven innings, six hits, three runs, no walks, four strikeouts. All he got in return was a two-run homer from Melvin Mora in the fourth inning.

In his last three starts (20.2 innings pitched) the Orioles have given Guthrie exactly those two runs off the bat of Melvin Mora.

He's got a 3.64 ERA, a 1.21 WHIP, batters are hitting a paltry .236 against him, and he's 2-6.

This is getting ridiculous. Jeremy "Hard Times" Guthrie gets no love from his teammates, despite him generally giving them a chance to win every time he starts.

Come on, guys. Help the brother out. Daniel Cabrera's having a pretty similar season and he's 5-1. Daniel Cabrera might make the All-Star team! He'll probably be the only Oriole that does make it if things stay the course, but is he really any better than Guthrie? No.

The good news is we took two of three from the Yankees, making us 5-4 against New York so far. I mean, yeah, it's not really the greatest thing in the world considering New York is 22-22 against everyone else, but it's a nice trinket to put in our pocket.

The O's are off today before we start a four-game set in Boston Baltimore on Friday. The current matchups for the first three games are Cabrera-Beckett, Olson-Lester, and Burres-Colon. Ol' fatso Colon has looked pretty good in his first two Sox starts, though he did face Kansas City and Seattle. Of course, he'll just be facing the Baltimore lineup next. I think batting average is pretty worthless, but when your leading hitter is coming in at .271 (Roberts, heating up) and it's not a lineup filled with walk machines, things ain't goin' so great.