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Gameday Thread: Red Sox (32-24) @ O's (26-26)

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Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA HR BB K W-L
Josh Beckett - RH 9 61.0 4.43 1.08 .237 10 11 65 5-4
Daniel Cabrera - RH 11 73.0 3.70 1.29 .236 10 30 42 5-1

Pretty rad necklace, dude. Hang ten, dillweed.

Beckett's actually pitched a lot better than his ERA would lead one to believe, and that means it's a pretty sure bet it'll come down. His WHIP and BAA and K-to-BB rate are all that of the elite starter he was last season. He's had some problems with the long ball again, which was a concern in the past that went away in 2007.

Cabrera's ERA is probably more likely to go up than go down any further. I mean, that's just realism. He'd still be a good starter, probably, if he leveled off some, but he's been fairly lucky this year. Beckett's been fairly unlucky. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Good matchup today, and as weird as it is, I always like our chances with Cabrera on the mound in 2008.

But, this is a concern. Danny on the road? 2.70/1.18/.208 with a 29-to-19 K-to-BB ratio. At the Yard? 5.87/1.65/.290, 13-to-11. Ummm...