Something to keep you interested in the O's this fall.


After a bit of trash talking  in a Boston gamethread last week, AMA and I have a bet. To wit:

If the Orioles finish within 15.5 games of the Sox, AMA will not only sponsor some "jabroni ass $5 Oriole" on baseball-reference , WITH an accompanying pro-Oriole message, he will also not visit this site the entire god damn offseason.

Now on the other hand, should the Orioles finish 16 or more games behind the Sox, zknower will sponsor an equivalent Sox jabroni with some kind of pro-Sox message.

It should be fun to watch this one play out. Try to be objective when you choose which side to root for. 

AMA is thinking of having me sponsor Rolando Arrojo if I lose. I'm thinking of saddling him with Bret Barberie or Jim Traber. Your input is welcome. 

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