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Orioles 7, Astros 5: Sweeps are Birdland!


A few things to take with you tonight......

  1. Sweeps are Birdland!
  2. Alex Cintron WANTS to be Birdland, but he can't quite get the hang of it
  3. Nick Markakis Bobble Heads are totally Birdland.
  4. Watching 80% of Camden Yards flip up their bills when Shutdown Sherrill enters the game? You got it. Birdland.
  5. The totally loud section in the upper deck that spelled out O-R-I-O-L-E-S countless times most certainly met the criteria to be Birdland.
  6. My favorite Birdland in Birdland tonight? After Brian made that awesome play to throw out Miggi, he totally gave Miggi the "spotlight" claw that they used to shine on each other as teammates.