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Interview with Amber!

I know I've given guff to Amber Theoharis a couple of times this year, but it more boils down to the fact that she's a hopeful optimist while I tend to sway toward hopeless pessimist. Plus I think she's a little bit crazy. Plus I think she's a little bit avant garde brilliant.

Whatever, though. She did an interview/article thing with We've Got Heart and I thought it was a pretty good read and insight into her job and her career as it's been so far.

You know, I'll take Amber over someone that never says anything I want to argue with, since that would most likely mean they never say anything at all. I do get the impression that she really cares, which is always fun with your broadcast team. Some people get all mad about homer broadcasters; not me, brother. I want to feel like they actually give a damn if the team wins or not.

Of course, she loses me when she is "in awe" of Derek Jeter for being "that consistent, for that long and that poised and that clutch," because the entire idea is straight out of the Joe Morgan Guide to Things About Baseball, but you can't change the world.