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Liz up, Luis Luis gone

In case you missed it, that's the scoop. Steve Trachsel will not return to the starting rotation. Instead, Radhames Liz is up and will take the ball tonight.

Luis Hernandez managed to hit a robust .241/.295/.253 in 79 at-bats this season, made several fielding and baserunning boners, and lost his job right quick to Freddie Bynum once Freddie was available for action.

Liz has a 4.05 ERA so far at Norfolk this season, with a hard luck 1-5 record. I'd rather see him than Trachsel any day. I'd rather see him try to hit and play short than Luis, too.

Going back to the shortstops, though, I do want to be really fair. Yes, Luis was terrible. But so was Fahey. So is Bynum (.210/.258/.274). So is Cintron (even counting his .350/.381/.350 line so far). They're all terrible and have no business starting in the majors. But there's also no reason to carry three of them, and they've kept the right two. Cintron is a better fielder and hitter than Hernandez, and Bynum's flexibility and CF availability makes him as useful as someone with a .532 OPS can be.

And from the Orioles team report:

Mora had no specific explanation for the throw, but the Orioles third baseman has been coming up short on a number of throws to first base lately. Mora has nine errors in 50 games at third base. Two came in Friday's game.

Jim Palmer in particular loves to talk about Melvin's great glove. He makes some highlight reel plays. He also screws up a lot. He's Derek Jeter, third baseman, without the star power or pinstripes or rings, though he is a playoff veteran of the first order.