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What's the catch?


Manager Dave Trembley said he's heavily considered giving backup Guillermo Quiroz more frequent starts. "Ramon's a good catcher. He's done it for a long time," Trembley said. "But in order for us to have the success that we're looking to have, Ramon needs to play better. I think that's just the way it is."

Equally as important as Hernandez's struggles is the emergence of Quiroz as a viable catcher. The rookie has earned 16 starts as compared to Hernandez's 40-evidence that he's become more than just a Sunday afternoon catcher. Quiroz, signed Dec. 3, has been better defensively than Hernandez, evident in his throw to nail Boston speedster Jacoby Ellsbury Sunday.




In 20 games, Quiroz is hitting .224/.296/.306.

If that and the occasional good throw are what counts for "a viable catcher," then I guess I finally understand Pudge Rodriguez (.253/.289/.365 following last year's .281/.294/.420) still being so highly-regarded.