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Gameday Thread: Royals (37-45) @ O's (41-39)

7:05 :: MASN :: 75° W 5-10 MPH :: Rain: 30%

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Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA HR BB K W-L
Zach Greinke - RH - #23 16 106.0 3.40 1.25 .248 15 33 84 7-4
Brian Burres - LH - #56 14 (16) 81.2 5.29 1.54 .302 12 27 39 6-5

Kansas City is smoking hot right now, having won 12 of their last 16, five in a row on the road (June 14-19, against ARI and STL), and having gone 13-5 in interleague play this year. They have dropped their last two, though, so let's hope we can send them sliding and just ignore that hot streak they were on.

Zach Greinke is a hell of a good pitcher, so today is no small task. You know, years ago, the stigma behind Greinke's development interruptions might have chased him out of baseball, as teams might have been afraid of taking a chance on a "head case." Good for him being honest, and good for the Royals accepting and helping him as much as they could. They're rewarded with an arm that looks as good as was advertised when he emerged as a prospect.

I hear tall tales, whispers in the wind, and folk songs about Brian Burres, the hard-working man who worked very hard, unlike other athletes. They say that when times are tough, he knows how to overcome -- a sixth sense, if you will. A deep-down place inside of him that brings out a superpower that topples all foes. As his earned run average climbs and he approaches being real f'n bad, I greatly look forward to seeing him activate his special finishing move. GETOVERHERE! Hadouken! Stunner!