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O's 3, Twins 2: Shutdown Sherrill and the chase for a record



With the O's win today, the team inched back toward .500, but more intriguingly, George Sherrill notched his 20th save on the season, good for second in the majors behind Francisco Rodriguez of the Angels.

The MLB record for saves in a season, of course, is Bobby Thigpen's 57 for the 1990 White Sox, a landmark season in an otherwise undistinguished career. I don't think Sherrill (or anyone else) has any hope of chasing Thigpen's mark any time soon.

But how about the single-season O's mark? That's a mere 45, set by Randy Myers in 1997, when he was killer and had the best season of his career. The former Nasty Boy was out of baseball after the 1998 season.

But can Sherrill really chase that mark? It'll be tough, but the O's are winning a lot of close games -- obviously, since Sherrill has saved 20 of 29 Oriole wins.

Myers' 45 is the only 40-plus save season in O's history. Here in early June, Sherrill is at 20, almost halfway to Myers' mark with the rest of this month, July, August and September to be played. Should be interesting.