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Gameday Thread: O's (29-30) @ Blue Jays (32-30)

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Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA HR BB K W-L
Brian Burres - LH 11 (12) 64.2 4.87 1.47 .297 9 19 31 4-5
Shaun Marcum - RH 12 78.2 2.63 0.94 .181 9 22 67 5-3

That's right! Shaun Marcum is a straight up mid-season Cy Young contender. He has been freakin' dominant. .181 BAA?! Straight outta Compton.

Burres' last two starts have been really f'ing horrible and given his history and projections and everything else, I'm unfortunately assuming we can't lay it all on the doorstep of him facing the Red Sox and Yankees. But I hear he knows how to step it up. I would like to see that happen. That's not me being snarky, either. I'd really like to see that happen.

As it is, even if you take the two hideous outings into account and look at his full line, he's still outperforming expectations, and he's done a damn good job. Get it back, Bri Bri.

The Blue Jays aren't as bad as they looked early in the season. They're about as good as they were expected to be, and that's without the released Frank Thomas and the injured Vernon Wells. This team has Kevin Mench AND Brad Wilkerson.

Reason for turnaround? Eckstein. DUH.