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Gameday Thread: O's (44-46) @ Red Sox (55-39)

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Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA HR BB K W-L
Brian Burres - LH - #56 16 (18) 92.1 5.07 1.56 .303 12 31 44 6-5
Clay Buchholz - RH - #61 8 42.1 5.53 1.63 .285 3 20 43 2-3

If we lose this game and the Jays beat the Yankees, we have sole possession of last place.

I suppose everyone here knows Clay Buchholz. It was less than a year ago that he no-hit the Orioles, one day before this happened to my beloved Wolverines. That was quite a weekend, let me tell you.

Buchholz started this year with the SAWX, but after he wasn't pitching very well for the SAWX, he was sent down to pitch for the Paw SAWX. He also had a fingernail injury of some sort. Buchholz pitched nine games for the Paw SAWX (4-2, 2.47 ERA), and now is back with the real SAWX, with Justin Masterson going down to the Paw SAWX to learn how to pitch out of the bullpen, presumably for the SAWX.

In his career against the SAWX, Brian Burres has a 5.79 ERA and 1.93 WHIP (18.2 innings). The last time that Burres faced the SAWX, he was lit up to the tune of seven earned in four innings, giving up two homers in 12 hits. Hopefully in this outing against the SAWX, he won't fold like a cheap tent quite so quickly. If he can give us five or six, and with Buchholz having struggled earlier this year for the SAWX, hopefully we can get off this five-game schneid with a win against the SAWX.

We really do need to beat the SAWX tonight, if only for our own selfish reasons, like sanity. When you lose five straight games with scores of 5-3, 11-10, 7-6, 9-8 and 6-5, it gets a little tough to handle. So let's beat the SAWX.


Baltimore Orioles @ Boston Red Sox

07/11/08 7:05 PM EDT

Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox
Brian Roberts - 2B Jacoby Ellsbury - CF
Adam Jones - CF Dustin Pedroia - 2B
Nick Markakis - RF Kevin Youkilis - 1B
Aubrey Huff - DH Manny Ramirez - LF
Melvin Mora - 3B Mike Lowell - 3B
Kevin Millar - 1B Sean Casey - DH
Luke Scott - LF Jason Varitek - C
Ramon Hernandez - C Brandon Moss - RF
Brandon Fahey - SS Julio Lugo - SS