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Goateed Sherrill helps AL win again in marathon



15 innings!

W: Scott Kazmir

L: Brad Lidge

H: Dan Haren, Brian Wilson

BS: Edinson Volquez, Billy Wagner

HR: Matt Holliday, J.D. Drew

GW RBI: Michael Young, sac fly to right field

George Sherrill pitched two and a third scoreless innings, the longest AL outing of the night, and we didn't get embarrassed by our lone All-Star. I was really afraid he'd get taken deep.

Poor freaking Dan Uggla had just the worst night, going 0-for-4 with three strikeouts and three errors in the field. He also bobbled at least one other grounder that I can remember, but recovered to make the throw to first on that one. Just a horrible night, hope he can forget about it.

It really wound up a night for the reserves, as most of the starters only batted twice and we got numerous viewings of the likes of Dioner Navarro and Nate McLouth -- two guys that had different days throwing the ball.

The only players that didn't get to bat were Jason Varitek, which was earned, and Brian McCann, who's having a hell of a season.

What an epic. And I mean epic more like The Godfather III, really, than I do Lord of the Rings.