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"Wear orange tommorrow. We're gonna win then, too."

Diamond Dave enjoyed this one. He's gonna knock back a glass of red wine tonight, enjoy the "excessive" celebration at the end of the game, and he's guaranteeing a win tomorrow while dispensing fashion advice.

We're gonna win Sunday. Diamond Dave said so. And who am I to doubt the man who left Daniel Cabrera in for 5 innings in a game where he gave up 7 in the first 2.0 IP and the O's win the game?

Never in doubt, Dave. Never in doubt. Down 6-0 before Brian Roberts get an at-bat. Hell, we can take care of that in 3 innings. Get a lead and blow it late? No biggie. Just another routine, come from 6 back, blow a lead, come from behind victory. Just feed a inside pitch to Luke Scott, and let him do the rest. As Diamond Dave said in his post-game presser:

Right field is very friendly for him here. And he has just adapted extremely well. We thought he’d hit 20-plus home runs and be a guy that, between him and maybe another guy, would make up for the run production that we lost moving Miggy.

As for the celebration that ended with a slide that one reporter called "excessive" (I believe), here's Dave's response:

I’ll take it every damn night if it turns out like this. I’ll take it every darn night. 

This Is Birdland.