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Off the Sunday schneid: O's 5, Angels 2


Garrett Olson pitched a hell of a game today, going 6 plus innings and allowing 2 runs. He only had one bad inning and he only walked two. Garrett, I apologize for saying you were awful in the gameday thread. My bad!!


The O's got all the offense they needed in the game from the all around awesome Guillermo Quiroz. He got 3 hits and 3 RBI to go along with his pepper bar. And in his post game interview the first thing he said was, "I was glad to get Garrett Olson through this game." Love him!

Fantastic game from the O's battery today. Now they head on the road for 9 games vs the Yankees, Mariners, and Angels (again).

Interesting to note that the O's won on a Sunday when the team WASN'T giving away free tickets. Coincidence??????