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Sarfate will start Wednesday

Ph_430610_medium Seems like the exact wrong guy to pick to join the starting rotation given his command problems and the fact that he's effective because he can dial it up to 11 at will in a relief role, but we'll see.

Certainly, I'd hope we can agree that the experiment is at least more worthwhile than screwing around with Lance Cormier.

Sarfate hasn't started regularly since 2006, when he took the hill starting 21 of 36 appearances for Nashville (Milwaukee AAA). He had started in 2004 and 2005, and he did OK, but he walked way too many people. His control issues are exactly what moved him to the bullpen in the first place.

It strikes me as odd that a reliever with a 1.56 WHIP is the best the O's can come up with to take over the fifth starter's role is all. I'm rooting for the dude, but his home is the bullpen. It just is.

We'll see, I guess. Don't expect any revelations.