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Gameday Thread: O's (44-44) @ Blue Jays (43-47)

Need a win.

7:07 :: MASN :: Dome.

Capt Capt

Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA HR BB K W-L
Garrett Olson - LH - #18 13 6-3 5.04 1.49 .280 9 26 45 6-3
A.J. Burnett - RH - #34 18 (19) 113.1 4.92 1.49 .264 9 53 111 8-8

Oh, 2005. A time when a young man's fancy drifted toward acquiring A.J. Burnett from the Marlins, as the Orioles tried valiantly to compete. Some of the major names we may have given up included Daniel Cabrera and Hayden Penn. Alas, the burden of taking Mike Lowell to play first base for the Orioles was too big for Peter Angelos. Lowell was no good!

Of course, in 2005, I nearly crapped a brick when we traded Sidney Ponson to the Padres for Phil Nevin. Wait, that didn't happen. Thanks a lot, Phil Nevin.

Oh, 2008. A time when a Blue Jays fan's fancy drifts toward getting rid of A.J. Burnett.