Melvin Mora Clears Waivers

According to Ken Rosenthal, Melvin Mora joins Huff, Payton, Millar and Hernandez as Baltimore players who have cleared waivers.  You would be surprised that hitters as hot as Mora and Huff were passed up by every team in the major leagues, but then you see the amount of money each one is making the next few years.  Huff is making $8 million next year and somehow Melvin freaking Mora is going to get $9 million.  Mora has a full no trade clause and for some reason he just strikes me as a guy who is content where he is, not to mention the fact that he explicitly stated that he hoped the FO kept this team together for 5 years.  I don't really see a team desperate enough to offer both prospects and money to the O's, therefore they will probably stay where they are as Andy not only wants quality but a salary dump.

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