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A Dubious Anniversary


Today is the one year anniversary of the 30-3 game. I wouldn't have known this if they hadn't discussed it last on BBTN last night. Yes, it was so hilarious that it warranted an anniversary story on ESPN. It got me thinking about the end of last season and what a let down it was. The O's were sort of in the position they're in now as a team. No chance of competing, a lot of gaping holes, and playing just a bit over their heads. Sure they didn't have Aubrey Huff hitting like it was 2003 or the corpse of Melvin Mora brought back to life as Babe Ruth, but they were keeping it interesting. But the 30-3 game kicked off a 9 game losing streak and a 11-28 end of season run.

On August 22, 2007, the Orioles were 58-65 (prior to game time). This year on August 22, the Orioles are 61-65. Not much of a difference really. But this year really feels different, doesn't it? Maybe it's because we haven't yet suffered the late season swoon. Maybe next year on August 22nd we'll be saying, "This year feels so different from last year" much like I am today. But I don't think so. I really do think this is the beginning of the good times for the Orioles and for us as their fans. I think in a few years we'll look back on 2008 fondly as the year this team finally started to get it together.

It's August 22, 2008 and I'm not a miserable Orioles fan. It seems like a miracle until I remember the press conference on August 22, 2007 before the infamous 30-3 game. They announced Dave Trembley as the new permanent manager and I wasn't a miserable Orioles fan. Then the rest of the season crashed down upon us. Hopefully that won't be the case this year, as I'd like to finish one baseball season and be bummed to see the boys pack it up and go home instead of feeling sweet relief that it's finally over.