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GameThread: O's (63-70) @ Rays (81-51)

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Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA HR BB K W-L
Jeremy Guthrie - RH 28 183.2 3.28 1.17 .235 22 51 117 10-10
Scott Kazmir - LH 21 121.0 3.27 1.23 .219 14 52 134 9-6

Nice pitching matchup today. Ace-on-ace crime will be high in Tampa St. Pete today.

When I see the Rays in first place on August 29, I see skies of blue. And clouds of white. The bright, blessed day, the dark, sacred night. And I think to myself, "What a wonderful world."


But then I realize, "Wow. I'm going to hate the guts of this team in a year or so, too." I know some of y'all don't think the Rays can come up with a fanbase as obnoxious and despicable as "Red Sox Nation" or "Yankee Universe," I pose to you a question: ever been to Florida? Ever talk to some of these people? Yeesh.

Now, that's a soft chide. The only Rays fans I've ever talked to have been very friendly, and are deservedly enjoying this excellent season they're having. But they're going to pick up the d-bags that make Guy That Yells All Night embarrassed to wear his cap in some places.

Is it wrong of me to root for the O's this series but also just not really give a crap if they lose a few here? The Red Sox are four and a half games back and have the Pale Hose in Boston starting tonight, but anything that would make Tampa's incredible run to an AL East title in the first season they've ever been above .500 (or close to .500) would be kind of nice. We rolled over for the Yankees for years down the stretch. Why not show our former basement brethren the same courtesy?

I think this now. Of course, when Jamie Walker gets taken yard by Carlos Pena in what turns out to be the game-blowing shot, I'll be righteously furious. Or, at least, as righteously furious as I can get in late August. Orioles Magic? Feel it happen?

Another losing season. I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal, you.