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Angels 6, O's 5: Sherrill's ice water melts


If you missed tonight's West Coast game, then consider this an invitation to my gangsta nation.

The Orioles got a crap start from Dennis Sarfate and a crap finish from George Sherrill, who walked Chone Figgins to score the winning run and give Anaheim the 6-5 win.

And oh yeah, the Orioles had scored four in the top of the ninth just to make it 5-5, which was all for naught because ICE WATER VEINS walked in the winning run with Chone Figgins at the plate.

I've about had it with Sherrill. Where are all the "best O's closer since Randy Myers!" dudes at now? That was malarky then, and even worse now.

The biggest story might have been the fact that Gary Thorne is so in love with Mark Teixeira that he tried to call a Teixeira single off the wall like it was a walkoff grand slam from Nick Markakis. Thorne seems convinced that Teixeira would actually consider playing for the Orioles just because he's from Maryland. It won't happen. I'm sure he'll listen to an offer, and we do have a nice relationship with Scott Boras now, but we can't offer him the money that, say, the New York Yankees can, so don't get your hopes up.

Chris Waters is going to start tomorrow, they think. Urgh. Lou Montanez is coming up, too. Augh.

Welcome to the dog days.