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Balitmore Orioles (53-58) at El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula Angels of Anaheim, Orange County, California (70-42)




W-L 8-6 ERA 4.65

K 94 Walks 51 WHIP 1.377



W-L 10-6 ERA 4.30

K 63 Walks 45

WHIP 1.45


1. 2B Roberts

2. RF Markakis

3. 3B Mora

4. DH Huff

5. C Hernandez

6. 1B Millar

7. LF Scott

8. CF Payton

9. SS Castro


1. 3B Figgins

2. SS Aybar

3. 1B Teixeira

4. RF Guerrero

5. CF Hunter

6. 2B Kendrick

7. DH Quinlan

8. LF Matthews

9. C Mathis

NOTES: Adam Jones goes on the 15-day DL, but is probably done for the year with a break in his foot that may take 4-6 weeks to mend. That means Sept 20 on the outside, and there's no point to bringing him back for 7 or so games at that point.

Chris Waters makes the start, and whatever he "found" in Bowie, he left there. His ERA went from 1.69 with the Baysox to a less-than-adequate 5.70 at Norfolk. OK, that's almost Liz-esque, and that's not good. He does have a decent K -to-BB rate for the year, which he maintained for the most part at Norfolk. Here's hoping, but there's a reason an almost 28-year-old was still in AA at the beginning of the season - he never was that good to begin with.

Lou (Don't Call Me Luis) Montanez makes his way to the 25-man roster as well. His numbers this year are gaudy - .355 / .385 / .601 / .986 for the season at Bowie. He was also named Eastern League Player of the Month for his efforts, beating out teammate Matt Wieters. But again, what is a 26-year-old doing at AA if he's capable of hitting MLB pitching? I suspect we will find out over the next 6 weeks. Adam Loewen was transferred to the 60-day DL to get him off the 40-man roster and Lou on it. He really needs a nickname, and I ain't gonna call him Sweet Lou. Between Whitaker and Pinella, that's retired.

Let's just get out of Anaheim with no more injuries and I'll be relieved. I don't think we have a 4-32 in us to finish the season (DD will single-handedly WILL this team to at least 15 more wins, if not 20), but the season is definitely about to get a lot longer with the rotation we currently have and the lack of Adam Jones in the #2 spot.