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Political Talk: Guthrie-Scott '08

Jeremy Guthrie won our little one-day election to serve as Orioles representative for the 2008 Presidential Election, a landslide victory for the right-hander out of Stanford. Final tally:


Guthrie, 45 votes
Adam Jones, 18 votes
Nick Markakis and Jim Johnson, 17 votes
Brian Roberts, 16 votes
Luke Scott, 11 votes
Kevin Millar, 8 votes
Jay Payton, George Sherrill and Chris Waters, 3 votes
Lance Cormier and Chad Bradford, 2 votes
Aubrey Huff and Garrett Olson, 1 vote
Dennis Sarfate and Jamie Walker, 0 votes

I've decided to award the Vice Presidential nomination to Luke Scott, because they just seem like similar type dudes. Running mates, if you will.

Also, they've had similar histories as Orioles. Guthrie came over as a pickup from Cleveland, and helped solidify the rotation in 2007, long a trouble spot for the team. Behind Erik Bedard, Guthrie gave us a great 1-2 punch. This year, he has emerged as a staff ace, proving he was no one-year wonder. No Bruce Chen.

Luuuuke came over as a bit of a throw-in in the Miguel Tejada trade, and has made left field mean something in the Oriole lineup again. After years of suffering through the likes of Payton, Bigbie, Fahey, Rogers, Tatis, Gibbons, Bynum, Conine, Matos, Newhan, Fiorentino, Surhoff, Marrero, and Byrnes, Luke Scott has made the position his home this season.

That's why they have an easy campaign slogan: "A record of restoring order." It's simple, direct, and most important, it's true.

Jeremy Guthrie and Luke Scott -- two men I can rally behind. Two men that have proven their worth. Two men you can be proud of.