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Off-day open thread

There is literally nothing terribly interesting going on with the O's right now, so here's a photo of Radhames Liz, who had a hell of a good game to beat Minnesota yesterday:


Here's a few things I was thinking about.

The Red Sox will wind up beating out the Rays. It's just the way it feels to me. Like when the Twins came from behind to overtake the Tigers in 2006. Detroit still went to the World Series, of course, with Minnesota taking their usual nosedive in the ALDS.

Man, has the AL changed since then or what? Detroit is a fourth-place team, the A's were defeated in the ALCS that year and now stink, and the Yankees are also a fourth-place team even though they're not really as bad as they're made out to be. I'd kill for a team at 79-70. Rotten fans.

Congrats to Carlos Zambrano on his no-hitter.