Baltimore Orioles 2008...Best Of

Hey, since the posts have been getting increasingly depressing I thought I would take a different route and look back at the good times.  I was thinking the other day about how at least this season at one point in time had me excited about the future (even the near future).  A couple of moments that I remember fondly.

Adam Jones' walk off in like the 15 game of the season against the White Sox, where it seemed like the team might actually be going somewhere because Trembley was managing them as if they were going to the playoffs

The game against the Yankees in mid-July in which Huff hit a home run off of Rivera to take the lead and then Sherrill, after letting a guy on, striking out the side.  1.  It is always nice to beat the Yankees, and 2.  That was where I kind of thought Sherrill may be the real deal.

Mora showing us that he wasn't going to die a slow painful baseball death by resurrecting himself in August.

There weren't any specific ones that stuck out for Markakis or B-Bob, but that's why I am putting up the post, so I'd love to hear some of your moments from the season that was.


I tried to go through the responses and pull out the ones that garnered attention.  Let me know if there are any that are missing.

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