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GameThread: O's (66-82) @ Blue Jays (80-70)

The Blue Jays are nine games out of first place and thus the wild card, as Tampa Bay and Boston are tied at 88-60 and 89-61, respectively. But they're not giving up hope:

"We need a lot of help from other teams," said first baseman Lyle Overbay, who’s hitting .424 with two homers in his last 10 games. "(And for us), it’s just a matter of getting on a roll."They should probably give up hope.

It's interesting to look at the AL East. Tampa Bay, tied for first: yay! Boston, tied for first: disappointing! Toronto, tied for third: hey, not bad! New York, tied for third: YA BUMS!

Baltimore, in fifth: no s***, Sherlock.

Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA HR BB K W-L
Chris Waters - LH 8 44.0 5.73 1.64 .288 6 21 22 2-3
Shaun Marcum - RH 24 149.1 3.38 1.15 .222 21 47 122 9-6

Marcum's had a heck of a season. This game starts at 7:07 on MASN2.

2B Brian Roberts
RF Nick Markakis
3B Melvin Mora
1B Aubrey Huff
C Ramon Hernandez
LF Luke Scott
CF Adam Jones
DH Oscar Salazar
SS Juan Castro
P Chris Waters

Blue Jays
SS Marco Scutaro
2B Jose Bautista
RF Alex Rios
CF Vernon Wells
1B Lyle Overbay
3B Scott Rolen
DH Adam Lind
C Gregg Zaun
LF Travis Snider
P Shaun Marcum

ED. NOTE FROM duck: Thanks to typozzz for the lineups.