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Good riddance, Daniel Cabrera?

Acording to Roch, who apparently recieved word through Amber, DCab has sprained the elbow on his throwing arm and will sit out the remainder of the season. Although there are only a handful of games left, this could be significant if the organization decides to finally purge themselves of the guy who has posted a career ERA over 5.00 (6.28 at OPACY).

Personally, I am no longer frustrated by Daniel Cabrera; I know that he is going to go out there and stumble through six innings before being pulled out with his team losing the game. I can't remember the last spring training when I wasn't being told that this was the year, and that if nothing else, he is a great innings eater. So, Orioles fans, you may have seen the last of the giant that is Daniel Cabrera

At least he has potential, right?