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AMA wins his bet.

I apologize for pushing all the Yankee stuff down the page. Kinda.

I mean, I appreciate that the Yankees have had untouchable success when you look at the history of baseball and that a lot of that success occured in one particular park. But to me Yankee Stadium was always a piss-smelling sweat-soaked dump with overloud music and way too many B.S. distractions from the game—dot races, train races, incessant organ playing. Watching a game in Yankee Stadium, to me, was like having my teeth pulled. And the stadium unquestionably housed some of the most arrogant and ignorant fans in baseball. 

But I digress.

With the Orioles' loss yesterday, coupled with the Red Sox win over Toronto, Awesome Mike Awesome has clinched the bet he made with me earlier this year.

As such, he will be allowed to heckle all he wants here in the offseason. And I have gone ahead and sponsored "jambroni" Red Sox reliever Rolando Arrojo for one year at (The page there takes a day or two to reflect updates....and I can change it at anytime, so suggestions as to what I say are welcome. Per my bet with Mike, there must be some kind of "pro Red Sox message" accompanying the sponsorship.)

That is all. If you haven't done it yet, skip below this to read Stacey and SC's Yankee Stadium homages