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Rosenthal: O's considering 39-year old Jim Edmonds at 1B

Edmondsds_medium From Ken Rosenthal via Roch:

Ken Rosenthal reports that the Orioles have shown interest in Jim Edmonds as a first baseman. I haven't heard this, but anything's possible. It would be a curious move, however, given that they'd prefer a right-handed bat.

Edmonds was a spark for the Cubs last season, hitting .256/.369/.568 with 19 homers in 250 at-bats after looking completely, 100% finished with the Padres. His decline began in 2006, and he's going to be 39 in June.

If he could hit like he did with the Cubs, he's a great help. Preferring a right-handed bat is ... well, whatever. Ryan Garko is a right-handed bat, but he's really not very good, and Peter Schmuck says he's told the Orioles and Indians have had no discussions about Garko anyway.

A few brief thoughts:

  1. Edmonds > Millar, period.
  2. If they think it's a good idea to run Chris Gomez out there in a platoon role at first base, they're bonkers. He's a nice guy to have around, but as much as I don't mind having Gomey back, he hit .273/.322/.333 last season with the Pirates. He's 38. It's about time his extended career collapses.
  3. Can't we just play Huff at first base, Scott at DH, and figure out Montanez or Reimold in left field during spring training? Adding a player for addition's sake seems silly, and with names like Richie Sexson and Jim Edmonds floating around, it's really all we're talking about.
  4. At least no one's mentioned Darin Erstad.