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From the Sun: O's close to signing Nick Markakis long term

From the Baltimore Sun:

Markakis and the Orioles have made "real progress" in their contract-extension negotiations in recent days, according to club president Andy MacPhail. And one industry source said the sides are close to agreeing to a six-year deal worth between $64 million and $66 million in guaranteed money.

Like most of you, I think it's important to lock up Nicky post haste. It's not official yet but this is encouraging news since what we've heard in the recent past is that the two sides aren't close or that talks had been stopped. And the fact that Andy MacPhail is the one making these comments makes me believe this will get done soon enough, since he's not known for making comments about anything.

This has been a somewhat frustrating off season due to lack of action, but getting Nick signed to an extension would make me feel better in a hurry.