Roberts to the Chicago...White Sox?!

Roch is reporting that the Os might be working on a trade with the White Sox for Gavin Floyd and, possibly, another prospect.  This is the kind of deal I've been waiting to hear about.  Something believable.  Much of the Olson to the Cubs for Pie or whomever really didn't make much sense as the Os would be giving up on a young starter who could still turn it around for a failed prospect or two.  It just never made sense.  Floyd, however, makes perfect sense.  With spots in the rotation open, and Floyd a solid #2 or 3, this just works.

Yes, there's going to be a hole at second, but that's where Freel fits in.  The guy can lead off and play second much of the time, with perhaps Murphy or another guy taking over if that doesn't work.  So, that hole's not so much a hole as it is a stop gap.

There's going to be much assuming that the White Sox could package Floyd, from Mount St. Joe and a 17-game winner last season, and either Brandon Allen (1B) or Chris Getz (2B).  I'm fine with either, and think that trading Roberts for Floyd, straight up, doesn't make much sense for the Os.

What say ye, CC?


Roch has just explained his rational for believing this trade will take place and the logic behind the Os going after bot Floyd and Getz.

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