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Warehouse vs Roberts:

Orioles have offered a multi-year deal worth about $10 million per season, but the sides are still significantly apart in terms of both years and money.

The article goes on to quote Andy asserting that he has had no trade talks regarding Roberts in over a month and that he is focused on the free agent market, trying to feel needs without giving up the team's existing talent assets.

Warehouse vs Markakis:

Both sides would like to get a multi-year deal secured this year. An industry source confirmed that the Orioles offered Markakis a six-year, $60 million deal earlier this winter and, at the time, the sides were believed to be about $10 million apart.

Nick's agent says discussions were tabled in December to see how the market trend evolved.

Warehouse vs My Heart

At this time, the club does not appear interested in re-signing veteran Kevin Millar...

Instead they are pursuing such exciting targets as Rocco Baldelli, Ty Wiggington and Camden Chat Fan Favorite, Richie Sexton.

Orioles Warehouse Magic, feel it happen.