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Saturday Bird Droppings

Delmarva Shorebirds Game-Worn Jerseys now on sale
Because your life isn't complete without a L.J. Hoes game-worn jersey. Seriously, you won't believe how many of the home jerseys have already sold at $140 a pop. -duck

Gurrero-Durran weigh-in for Saturday fight at Perdue Stadium
Tangentially Orioles-related, since the fight is at the home of the Delmarva Shorebirds. The weigh-in was Thursday, and the fight is tonight. Good seats still available. -duck

This and That from Roch
Roch discusses the merits of the proposed names of the new Richmond, VA AA team, and someone in the comments decides we really, really need to trade Adam Jones. Hilarity ensues. -duck

Orioles Wallpaper with 2010 schedule available now
The crew at already have desktop wallpapers ready with the 2010 schedule. Download them at the link provided in the headline. You know you want to. -duck

If you're going to steal World Series rings, please think it through - Big League Stew - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
A tale of a crook even dumber than those dudes that stole Cal's number. -Stacey

Tillman Talk -
Chris Tillman talks about his progress. Best line, in regards to 98 losses: "We can't accept this next year." -Stacey

Caleb Joseph attempts to win my heart - Lipscomb University Official Athletic Site
He is the assistant coach at his old college, he helps out at kids baseball camp, and he just received the Elrod Hendricks Community Service Award. Oh, and he's been invited to Spring Training in 2010. -Stacey

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