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GameThread: Saturday's NL Division Series


Dodgers @ Cardinals - 6:07 PM (Dodgers lead 2-0)
St. Louis has their backs to the wall after losing a heartbreaker in game 2. The matchup is Joel Pineiro vs. Vicente Padilla. Pineiro had a very good 2009 and Vincente Padilla did not. Actually that's not really true. He was pitching for Texas to start the year, and wasn't great. He was good enough to keep a spot in the Orioles, probably, but Texas was in the playoff race and dropped him. The Dodgers picked him up for the stretch, where he's done very well. Pitching wise, I give the edge to the Cardinals in this game. 

Phillies @ Rockies - PPD
Due to Denver being covered in snow, tonight's game has been postponed to tomorrow at 8:07 pm Mountain Time. Game 4 will be played on Monday.