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Sunday Pic

<a href="">Moe Drabowsky / Baltimore Sun file photo by Gene Sweeney Jr.</a>
Moe Drabowsky / Baltimore Sun file photo by Gene Sweeney Jr.

Cumberland Times-News - Some of us live every day as a summer day
A nice essay about the end of summer meaning the end of baseball, with reflections on the last O's postseason game. -zk

PADRES ANALYSIS: New GM will have much working in his favor 
SAN DIEGO ---- Speculation that the Pods may dangle Kouzmanoff to the Orioles or others. -zk

Michael Aubrey, Seth Marler among Tulane Athletics Hall of Fame inductees | Tulane Sports Central - -
Michael Aubrey is inducted into the Tulane Hall of Fame -zk

Zack Hample has procured more than 4,000 baseballs from major league games. Why? - ESPN
Patrick Hruby spends a day with Zack Hample, the undisputed king of getting baseballs from major league parks. OPACY is "a snagger's stadium". -zk

Only a fully trained Jedi Knight, with the Force as his ally, will conquer Vader and his Open Thread.