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Wednesday Bird Droppings

O's on Deck: Arizona Fall League Recap

A recap of day one of the AFL. Brandon Snyder had a big day with a home run. -Stacey

Birds On The Wire – Episode 2 at Baltimore Sports Report

I talked to Matt Sadler about the O's on Baltimore Sports Report's Birds on The Wire podcast. Listen to the dulcet tones of my Maryland accent and build a drinking game around how many times I say, "you know." -Stacey

Camden Chat is on Twitter

We've joined the masses on Twitter, so if you're a Twitter-er, follow us! Seriously, it will send an tweet everytime we post a story. It's kinda cool. - Stacey & duck

O's do better than Nats in DC area? DCRTV hears they did

From "In fact, we're told that the Orioles attracted 16,000 households from the DC market, 14 percent better than the Nationals did in their home market." You'll need to scroll down to see the entry (DCRTV refuses to house articles on their own Permalink pages), but for those who wondered how well the O's did in DC, well, now you know. -duck

O's to bring back coaching staff, except Jauss --

Tough luck for those of us hoping NOT to see Juan Samuel in the 3B coaching box in 2010. -Stacey

Should Technology Call the Game?

The Loss Column gives its take on the current high profile mistakes made by umps and referees in pro sports. -Stacey

You know there's not a single Open Thread in the entire country of Vietnam? There's definitely something wrong with that.