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Friday Bird Droppings

<a href="">Your Off-Season Daily O of the Day: Dennis Sarfate</a>
Your Off-Season Daily O of the Day: Dennis Sarfate

Shriver (and Angelos) steps up so classic can continue 

"(Pat Pam) Shriver said the people of Baltimore are stepping up to help fund the event. Orioles owner Peter Angelos has doubled the club's commitment, and MASN, of which the Orioles are the principal owner, is putting together a sponsorship package." -duck

Two 3-run homers lift Phillies in NLCS opener, 8-6

"Brad Lidge has regained that nasty slider. Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz are stroking big hits. Cole Hamels is winning postseason games without his best stuff." And Flat Breezy gave up a homer to a LH hitter for the first time since June. Of 2008. -duck

The old-time gloom settles over Fenway

"There was nothing fluky about this outcome, folks. It was a three-game sweep, a Boston beatdown in which all of the locals’ flaws were exposed. Just as we feared, the 2009 Red Sox were artificially enhanced by home-field dominance (56-25 at Fenway) and a lot of games against the Triple A Orioles. "  Dan Shaughnessy thinks it's the Orioles fault for being so bad that the Red Sox didn't realize how much they suck. This is the type of sports journalism that wins you awards and big-money contracts, people. -duck

Right Off Russell : The Baysox have a new foe…..

Richmond's new AA team has picked its mascot. Man, I though Shorebirds was a non-intimidating name... -duck

Toronto media says O's want John McDonald?

Roch says: "I wouldn't get too worked up over the Twitter report from the Toronto Sun's Bob Elliott - if that's the correct terminology - that the Orioles are interested in John McDonald. I'd be surprised if they regard him as a starting third baseman. Not after manager Dave Trembley talked about needing more power from the position." Dear God in heaven, I hope not. If John McDonald is the answer, we're asking the wrong question. -duck

Orioles Card "O" the Day: Jim Palmer, 2002 Topps American Pie #33

It's a pretty sweet card, and Kevin adds some facts about Palmer I bet you didn't know. -duck

Separated McCourts each claim to own Dodgers

"In what is shaping up to be a classic celebrity battle, the attorneys for Frank and Jamie McCourt volleyed contradictory claims of who really owns the Los Angeles Dodgers just one day after the couple's marriage separation was announced." This is not going to end well. -duck

O's on Deck: Arizona Fall League recap

"Third baseman Josh Bell was 1-for-3 with a double, an RBI and two runs scored in the Desert Dogs' 9-4 victory over Scottsdale. The 22-year-old infielder also walked twice in the game." I really, really hope this kid pans out. -duck

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I did some fighting in my time. Once I was fighting a guy, my eyes were all bloody but I landed a lucky punch. The next thing I know I'm steppin' on something and it's the other guy's teeth. The referee raised my hand and someone shoved fifty bucks in my shorts. "What does he get?" I asked. The referee says, "From the looks of this jaw, a Open Thread diet for six weeks."