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LCS Game Thread: NYY@ LAA and LAD @ PHI

Yankees @ Angels, 4:13 PM EDT on FOX (NYY leads the series 2-0)

The Angels and Yankees played a heck of a game on Saturday night, a marathon that ended in the 13th inning on a throwing error that allowed Jerry Hairston to score the winning run. I admit when Hairston slid home and then jumped up cheering, I felt just a teeny, tiny bit happy for him. Don't worry, it didn't last long. But O's fans have a history with him, so I forgot myself for a millisecond.

Jered Weaver and Andy Pettitte are the starting pitchers for tonight's game as the Angels look to climb their way back into this series. I'm sure all of the players are happy to be in southern California where the gametime temperature will be about 67 degrees. I know I'll be happy not having to hear about how hard it is to play in the cold for a few days.

Dodgers @ Phillies, 8:07 PM EDT on TBS (PHI leads the series 2-1)

The Phillies blew out the Dodgers yesterday 11-0, as the Dodgers curiously decided to start Hiroki Kuroda, who hadn't pitched in a major league game since mid-September. He lasted just 1.1 innings, giving up 6 runs. Cliff Lee dominated again, allowing just three hits in 8 innings and even adding a hit so that he was on base for Shane Victorino's 3 run HR.

Randy Wolf will try to outduel Joe Blanton in the hopes of evening up the series. Joe Blanton has very unfortunate facial hair.