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Blue Jays @ Orioles, 7:05 PM

Wooo! That's what Melvin is saying.
Wooo! That's what Melvin is saying.

The boys return to Camden Yards tonight for three more before the season comes to a close and I'm looking for a sweep. Why? Why the hell not? Although God forbid the Orioles sweep and end up one game better than Pittsburgh who drafts some dude who turns out to be really good and then I have to hear people saying, "If only they hadn't added three useless wins five years ago we could have had him!"

Screw that. You know who doesn't lament over draft picks of the past? Good teams, that's who. If the Orioles are still so crappy in five years that the fans are clinging to stuff like that then I don't even know how I'll feel. So the games won't mean anything in the standings, they won't get the Orioles to the postseason, but they are still wins and I want them. And it's not like Toronto is that good (she says after checking the probables and seeing that Halladay won't make an appearance).

I want Brian Roberts to go on a tear and hit 6 doubles in three days. I want Nick Markakis to hit a HR or two. I want Luke to park one on Eutaw Street for old times sake (I know, he has a sore foot, but I'm on a roll). I want Jeremy Guthrie to go out and pitch the season finale looking like the Guthrie that I love. And more than anything I want Melvin Mora to have his best three games of the season.

Let's close the season in style, friends.

2009 - David Purcey 1-2 5.28 1.67 38 28

2009 - Jason Berken 5-12 6.51 1.76 65 43


Toronto Blue Jays Baltimore Orioles
Jose Bautista - RF Brian Roberts - 2B
Aaron Hill - 2B Cesar Izturis - SS
Adam Lind - DH Matt Wieters - C
Vernon Wells - CF Nick Markakis - RF
Lyle Overbay - 1B Ty Wigginton - DH
Kevin Millar - 3B Melvin Mora - 3B
Travis Snider - LF Michael Aubrey - 1B
John McDonald - SS Lou Montanez - LF
Kyle Phillips - C Jeff Fiorentino - CF

Let's go O's!